Minds on the move by SabbaticalHomes.com

SabbaticalHomes.com is a place for minds on the move, like you!

You are a student and traveling is paramount to collaborating and advancing your research. But with the cost of higher education on the rise and the average outstanding student loan balance nearing an annual working wage– you might feel like you can’t afford to travel.

We want to change that. 

As an independently-run home listing service dedicated to helping minds on the move, we’re here to facilitate academic travel at every stage of the game. You can afford to travel too!

Register today and create a free Tenant Listing profile detailing your research and where you'd like to travel. You might be surprised who within the academic community connects with you. Whether you are looking for a home and create a tenant listing and/or offer your own home on the site, our community is fueled by advancing scholarly pursuits through travel. You might connect with other students needing to be near your university while you are away. Or a professor in your field might contact you for a housing opportunity.

Register today, travel tomorrow!